European Day Of Languages 2016

European Day Of Languages 2016

A few weeks ago we had invited our partners to join us for a certain event. On 26th September 2016 we finally celebrated this year's European Day of Languages. The European Council annualy asks schools around Europe to express cultural diversity among its countries expressed by their languages and to identify each country by cultural identities.

Students from Collège Petit- Manoir, Le Lamentin, Martinique
This year we celebrated this event for the third time. Students from different countries around the European Continent and students from the French Overseas Department prepared presentations and met at video conferences throughout that day to just let these ideas come true. Some classes gave information about their home country and city where they live in. Others offered a short language course or showed differences and similarities between their own language and other European languages.

The German students finsihed their presentation by a kahoot game. Students from Russia and the Czech Republic competed against each other about Germany. Students and teachers from outside Europe joined as guests to get to know much more about Europe and the Europeans.

Introducing each country and local city and giving a short demonstration of their local language all students and teachers created three wonderful virtual meetings during the morning and early afternoon hours.

Reinhard Marx

Thanks a lot to everyone who supported this event:

  • Bakalka Elementary School, Brno, Czech Republic, class 8; Pavel Hodal, Katerina Janu
  • Boglári Általános-es Zeneiskola, Balatonboglar, Hungary; class 5; Tóthné Bàn Gyöngyi
  • NIS for Chemistry and Biology, Shymkent, Kazakhstan; class 9; Assel Sarseneva
  • Ägnas Skola, Orust, Sweden; Eva Widdenhielm, Maria Lidqvist
  • Örelundskolan, Olfors, Sweden; class 5; Nicolas Jacobsen
  • Shi- Weih School, Kaoshiung, Taiwan; class 3; Lin- Lin Than
  • Lyceum 1, Kansk, Russia; class 9; Lyudmilla Golubeva
  • Nepal; class 3; Govinda Prasad Panthy
  • Pleincollege Nuenen, Nuenen, The Netherlands; class 8; Bart Pardoel
  • Srednja Skola, Zabok, Croatia; class 11/12; Ljubica Savic
  • Porpaczy Kozepiskola, Fertöd, Hungary; class 9; Ibolya Kalocsa
  • St. Molaga's SNS, Balbriggan, Ireland; class 3; Cliona Brennock
  • Collège Petit- Manoir de Lamentin, Le Lamentin, Isle de Martinique, Territoire D'Outre- Mer Francaise; class 8; Catherine Mongis
  • Städtische Realschule Sundern, Sundern, Germany; class 7- 9; Reinhard Marx

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