Praha očima 9.C

Praha očima 9.C

29. 10. 2014Mgr. Kateřina Janu

Prague 2014


Day 1


We met with all of our classmates at the main train station in Brno. Once everyone was ready to go and everybody knew, who would they be with either in the room, or in the coupe, we were ready to leave Brno! The train departed at 7:39. Although not all of us were sitting the ride was comfortable and passed really quickly. When we arrived (approximately at 10:30) to Prague we got our subway tickets (not to be mistaken with the fast food shopping chain). We were in the metro for the first time! We got out at Kobylisy and came to the hotel, with great disappointment we left the hotel immediately. After we arrived to the center, we got divided into two groups. The first group went to the Senate and the second group had time to see the astronomical clock, some pigeons and tourists (The pigeons were all dirty and we were disgusted with them). After some time, the groups switched. The Senate was nice, we learnt some very interesting things about the building and its history. The tour was amusing, mostly because of the stuffed animals. Afterwards we went to “Petřín” lookout tower, some people (including us) with the fear of heights, stayed on the first, or the second floor. The restrooms were not free, which made us very angry. Then we went to the mirror-maze, which believe it or not, cost more than our tickets to the National theatre. Once we walked through at night Prague, which was well illuminated, we got back to the hotel and after the very, very long and tiring first day, we went to sleep.

By: Jirka Spousta, Filip Kotoun, Richard Šejn

Day 2

We got up and had breakfast. Yummy :D

We took the subway and went to Vyšehrad. It is 1000 year - old castle grounds above the river Vltava. Here you can find the Slavín cemetery for great Czechs. We saw graves of famous people there. People like B. Němcová, K.H. Mácha, B. Smetana, football player Bican, actor and musician W. Matuška, Smrťák or Janoušek, K. Čapek, A. Dvořák... rest there.

We went to the Parliament of The Czech Republic. We saw where Czech politicians sit and work. Some of us thought we saw Karel Schwarzenberg. But we didn't...Then we went to  the restaurant. We had fried chicken with potatoes and some chemical lemonade. Girls from IX.C were as usual the loudest. After that we went to our hotel Aida****. It took us 1 hour to prepare for evening´s theatre. We saw a play “Ze života hmyzu” by Karel Čapek. Butterflies were flirting all the time. By the way – Iris was a guy and he was really “awesome“. All the girls thought they were gonna to die. High heels are the biggest hell. With our feet in pain, we got back to the hotel. We had dinner from Billa and then we went to bed  - „immediately“.

And then day number 3 begins but that´s not our story...

By: David Šikula, Kateřina Kolčavová, Radim Janoušek

Day 3

On the third day, the weather was cloudy, but warm. We had breakfast in the hotel at 8 o ́clock and after breakfast we packed our suitcases and took them downstairs. We left the hotel and took the subway. We got off at the “Pražský hrad“ stop. We walked to the Royal Summer House, where we saw an exhibition about Forced labor and the Second World War. We walked through the park to the Prague castle. First we saw the castle changing guard, after that we walked through the courtyard to the St. Vitus Cathedral which was built in 1344 and it wasn´t finished until 1929. That´s a long time! Were Pat and Mat working on it? It´s an example of Gothic architecture and it´s the biggest and most famous cathedral in the Czech Republic. We walked into the Golden Lane, which is a small street full of tiny old houses. House number 22 is famous, because Czech writer Franz Kafka used this house for almost two years. After that we went to the hotel to pick up our suitcases and went for lunch to a famous pub which was called “U Rudolfina“ and had traditional Czech meal there. Then we took the tram to the main train station and  bought something to eat there, because we didn´ t have dinner. We got on the train, but people were sitting on our seats (we had seat reservations). So Mrs. Fabiánová kindly ask them to go to the next wagon. As everyone left, we sat down and the train started moving. We talked, talked and talked and suddenly we were in Brno. We were happy to be back home and couldn´t wait to tell our friends and families about all what happened.

We enjoyed our trip very much, because we saw many things we wouldn´t see with only our parents. The hotel was amazing and the breakfast was delicious. Prague is a beautiful city but really big. So we were really exhausted by walking. We like Prague but we wouldn´t want to live there. Brno is much better. :o)

By: Klára von Halem, Berenika Rosecká and Leana Terkawi