Praha očima 9.AaB

Praha očima 9.AaB

Trip to Prague

First day

It was cloudy Monday morning (13/09/2014). We met at the main train station at 7:15 am.

The journey took us two and half hours. At first, we had some problems with our seats because we didn’t have any seat reservation. But finally everybody found a place to sit. We arrived to Prague around 11 o’clock. We bought tickets for subway and went to our hotel called „Aida“. The journey by subway took about 10 minutes and we got off at Kobylisy stop. We left our bags in the hotel and went to the city. Teachers divided us into two groups. The first group went to the Senate of The Czech Republic and another one went to Oldtown Square. We had about one hour time to get lunch and look round. After 2 hours the groups switched. The architecture of the Senate was really beautiful. Originally it was a palace of Albrecht from Waldstein. Then we went to the ‘Petřín’ lookout tower. We had to walk all the stairs up because the lift didn’t work. After that we visited the mirror maze. Then we returned back to the city center, but we took different way. We saw the beauty of Prague at night. We had 30 minutes to get dinner (Subway, KFC,...) and cross the Charles bridge. It was awesome to see the night life in Prague. The artists, homeless people... Then we went through the city center to Wenceslas Square and we could look around for 30 minutes again. After that we finally came to the hotel. We were really happy because we were so, so tired. And that was our first day in Prague.

Written by: Natka Wismeková, Dominika Štefková, Světlana Vojtková, Martin Claus


Second day

So, we are supposed to tell you something about our trip to Prague, day number two. It was quite a cold day when we woke up. It started with lovely breakfast in our hotel. We could choose from very huge menu of food. Then we went to Slavín cemetery called Vyšehrad. There are buried famous people. After leaving the cemetery, we came to the House of Commons, where we heard really heartbreaking information from one kind woman. Then we were supposed to eat again, that was lovely, so we went for lunch. We had “Schnitzel” with potatoes. We were so happy. And the last and most important thing about that day was the National theatre. Everyone was looking forward to it from the very first moment. When we came back to the hotel, we all started to prepare for the evening. It took us about two hours. And when we were ready in front of the hotel, every single person looked completely different. Girls had nice dresses on, they had those complicated buns and jewelry everywhere. Boys looked like gentlemen or like gangsters, there was nothing between. But to be honest, the performance wasn’t that good as we expected. But it didn ́t matter, ‘cause when we got out of the theatre, we were able to see night Prague. It was amazing to see this big city, capital city, at night. Everything was enlightened, so you could still see all the places. We were walking around Kampa, we saw Lennon’s wall and all those beautiful stuff. We all were very hungry, so we ended in Subway – we know, we totally ruined the romantic point – but it was fine to eat sandwiches at 11 pm. And yeah, that was our second day in Prague. We liked it! :)


Written by: Karolína Dohnalová, Jiří Zoufalý, Linda Dema, Hana Procházková


Third day

We woke up and had breakfast at hotel Aida. There was a “Swedish table” with lots of food. It was delicious. Then we had to pack our suitcases. We left our suitcases in the hotel. After then we went to subway to Kobylisy stop. From Kobylisy we travelled to Prague castle station, where we started our sightseeing tour. In front of the castle there stayed the guard. There were two guardians. We saw changing of the guard, too. Saint Vitus Cathedral is very nice and big. The cathedral is 97metres high, 60metres wide and 124metres long. There were many tourists from the Czech Republic and from foreign countries, too. But the most interesting of all the sights was The Golden Street. There are very small houses. In these houses people lived many years ago. There were many expositions we enjoyed a lot (for example medieval armour sets, helmets, swords, spears and other weapons). There were lots of interesting things... After visiting Golden Street we went to a restaurant, where we had very nice lunch. We had pork with cabbage and dumplings. It tasted good. After lunch we went to subway station, travelled to the hotel, picked up our suitcases and went back to the main station, where our train was ready to take us back to Brno. We liked Prague very much. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). We arrived to Brno by 6pm.


Written by: Petr Dočekal, Niki Bartáková, Ivo Stoklasa, Pavel Gistinger